January 2nd, 2008

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you know nothing, Jon Snow

During the course of the holiday fests, I discovered that I have an aversion to a verb. Seeing lave (laved/laves/laving) used seriously in a non-crackfic makes me want to back-button the fuck out faster than mpreg does (and that's, generally, pretty darn fast). I mean, I don't actually back-button out, as it's a really silly reason to abandon an otherwise decent/good fic, but it gives me that icky feeling, like a cat clawing its way out of a box of foam plastic. I don't know why. There's nothing wrong with the word in general; it just makes me want to hurl. Is that weird? A guy I once knew couldn't stand the word "clutter", for example; it was like nails on a blackboard to him, written or spoken. Does anyone else have words that are perfectly normal (i.e. not normally squicky) but you just can't stand them?

Speaking of Words I Wish Would Disappear From Fiction, "ghost" as a verb just makes me roll my eyes (it works for me outside of sex scenes, just not when breaths or fingers or antennae or other appendages are ghosting over any parts of anyone, plz), and "lover" in most permutations (probably because I don't actually know anyone who would seriously refer to somebody as their "lover" unless we're talking adultery. If a man or a woman "takes a lover" in a marriage, it's one thing; I'm fine with it in that context. For a woman to talk/think about her "lover" I think she's read too much crappy romance. For a man to talk/think about his "lover", I always think back to Emmett and Teddy on QaF. WHO WERE USING THE WORD IRONICALLY, THANKS! >.>) I fully realise it's a perspective thing, but every time I see "lover" used without irony, I just giggle.

...er. I typed this in my gmail drafts at work and there was a point originally, but I've forgotten what it was, and I'm unlikely to remember. So have some recycled!kittens:

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