January 29th, 2008

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хочешь, я убью соседей, что мешают спать

All right, I gotta ask. This is the second season I'm watching this show and virtually every time there are auditions, there are always the "quirky" people. Like the Star Wars fan from a while back. Or the former goth wrestler from today. Or that dude with the loincloth last week (I think). THEY NEVER GO THROUGH. And in pretty much every city, there's someone who grossly misinterprets "different". If this were the second season of the show, I'd understand. You know, they keep saying that they're looking for something "fresh" so you figure, hang a pail of crisp iceberg lettuce from your dick and you've got it made.

But this is SEASON SEVEN. When they say "different", they clearly do not mean ultragoth or ueber-nerd -- you can go a little punk, or a little rock, or maybe a little bit punk rock, but you can't be over-the-top with your subculture because they are looking for a POP STAR. Everyone who goes through that damn door with a golden ticket is dressed like any regular person might dress. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear a loincloth onstage, but it's kind of like... if you're a vegetarian, don't show up at a hot dog eating contest and then be upset that they're not offering tofu dogs. Seriously. I mean, I'm sure some people show up in outrageous outfits hoping to get on TV, and that's cool. But I don't think all of them do? IDK. Some of them COMPLAIN about not being picked just because they're "different". WELL NO DUH. Listen to Ryan Seacrest, man: "This is American Idol". Not American Unique Snowflake.

Speaking of which, another thing that makes me laugh is how much the world AI portrays really is like fandom (which is my only frame of reference for a creative community-type environment): It's nearly always those with least talent who are most convinced that they're super amazing -- not just competent, mind you, but super amazing and deserving of a shot at fame and millions. What's up with that? Is that really such a large part of American culture? You're Special Just the Way You Are? Well. I mean. Everyone is special just the way they are. But I don't understand why that ends up translating into self-delusion regarding their own abilities.

All that "YOU'RE WRONG, SIMON. I CAN SING!1" *snicker* It's good for a laugh, don't get me wrong. But it's also pretty sad if you think about it for two minutes.

Anyway, I really liked that last guy, Leo Marlowe. I hope he makes it in. :D I hope we also have a Sanjaya this year. *\o/*
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