May 27th, 2008

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You know, when I see people talk about LJ out in the wide blue interwebs, LJ users are often dismissed as a bunch of emo kids, barely literate prepubescents, weird fetishists, etc ad nauseam. Granted, there is a fair share of 'em, and others besides. But this is the internet, where content is king, and the best content on LJ is just the same as the best content on other blogging platforms. It just so happens that a lot of this content on LJ is generated by fen, and I'm not just talking about fanworks and the discussion of fannish concerns.

Ever since Strikethrough and Boldthrough last year, there has been a lot of talk that fandom needs someone to represent our interests to LJ administration. So right now, when the chips are down and voting is going on for an LJ Advisory Board User Representative, are we going to let these guys decide the future of LJ? I think we ought to try not to.

This summary of the fannish candidates' platforms gives all you need to cast an informed vote. If you don't want to read all that, here is a shorter rundown on all the candidates, with fannish folk identified. If you don't even want to read that much, here's a list of fen in the running:Collapse )

fandom_votes has a list of fen currently leading in the polls and while it's probably the best strategy to support them, I understand that people have reasons not to support one or more of those candidates. I won't urge you to vote for someone you don't want to vote for. I think that in the end, every vote cast for a fannish candidate is a vote against the alternative. So please just vote for fandom, and make sure you select three candidates, otherwise your vote will likely not be counted. The polls close at 9:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday -- that's UTC - 7 hours.

If you have fannish folks on your flist, please consider posting about this. If you own/operate a fannish community that's had activity in the past week -- even if it's only watched by three people and a little dog -- please consider making a post in the community asking the watchers to vote (please DO NOT do this if you aren't a maintainer in the community unless you have the maintainer's permission). Every vote counts. You don't have to make a long post like some of us have been doing discussing the whys and wherefores. What the hell, have some C&P (no need to credit me):

This is what you'll be copying: text of the C&PCollapse )

If you want to encourage others to repost the C&P, put everything you see in the text box above between these tags: <textarea></textarea>

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