July 8th, 2008

ichigo calendar

*pwns self*

I have just managed to not panic, run away screaming, or cower in a corner. Considering that there was a wasp flying around me at the time, this was, for me, a feat of epic courage.

I was really quite terrified, tbh, but it's ridiculous that these tiny creatures should inspire such all-encompassing panic. I'm not afraid of people with weapons (I have a healthy respect for people with weapons, mind, but no *fear*), but a stripey insect can make me hyperventilate and run for cover? Not on. I figure, just this year I had my wisdom teeth taken out under local anaesthetic, with complications. I sat through a 2-hour tattoo session. A wasp sting can't be much worse. Unless I'm allergic, but you know. Details. >.>

In conclusion: MIND OVER MATTER. *PWNS*

You'd have to pay me serious cash to swat one, though. BABY STEPS. XD
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