July 9th, 2008

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amphetamines for boys and crucifixes for ladies

Happiness is blasting Rock is Dead at top volume whilst driving down a lonely highway.

Oh, and going to HP cons. :D

In 8 hours, I'm off to Portus -- those of you who are going, see you there! Don't forget about the H/D get-together at 4PM tomorrow, in the Tower Lobby (if you're so inclined).

Those of you who are staying, please don't break the internets in the meantime -- I kind of like 'em, warts and all.

If you need stuff, e-mail; Blaise is coming with me and we have access at the hotel and I'll probably be online reading my flist intermittently. I'll probably update with random squee and/or cryptic one-liners, but mostly I am MIA until Sunday evening. SO EXCITED, YAY!
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