July 16th, 2008

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i'd ride in your pocket all day

I sat down to do a Portus write-up but realised that I have little to write about, not because it was boring, but because this was totally a "I am going to hang out with my friends; fuck the programming" con for me. Considering that the main reason I went at all was to see people who weren't going to be at Terminus (even though some of them have changed their minds since then and are now going to be at Terminus *\o/*), this was pretty much what I expected. All that went on is the stuff in-jokes are made of, the "you had to be there" type of thing. I can't really explain why skirt exorcisms, "she peed in the sink!", "tight forehead", "hogwarts_elite makes babies cry - literally!", or "Slytherins dodge bullets", and "pocket magic!!!" will make me laugh hysterically for a long time coming. I mean, I could explain, but it wouldn't be funny or interesting to anyone who wasn't there. For me one of the brightest highlights of the con was hearing a screech in the hotel lobby during the early afternoon on Thursday, and a moment later, hugging one of my best friends -- for the first time in the 3 or so years we've known each other. This just hours after hugging another of my best friends at the airport, after not having seen each other for two years. That pretty much set the tone for the whole con.

it got kinda long despite the fact that I apparently had little to say. Oops. A long-winded is me!Collapse )

Photos from the con are here, but be aware that I am not posting any people pics publicly, aside from a few group shots with no identifying information.
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