September 9th, 2008

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we are all rowing the boat of fate

Animanga fandom question! Google is sort of failing me on this one because it's so subjective.

I've read the Bleach manga twice now and I am watching the anime (seriously, what. is this the real life? is it just fantasy? >.>) and I just had a "HEY THAT WASN'T IN THE MANGA!" moment. I also watched the second movie over the weekend and had a moment of serious flail about my OTP (yeah, I know, I already have a Bleach OTP. Kill me now. XD).

But I'm not sure if the anime and the movies are canon per se -- how much control does a mangaka whose series turns into anime/movies/OVAs/etc have over the animated stuff? And even if s/he doesn't, what is generally considered canon in an animanga fandom? My inquiring mind, let me show you it.

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