November 5th, 2008

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and although it seems heaven sent

Now that last night's excitement has worn off somewhat, my usual inner cynic is trying to turn up her nose at all the "America voted for change" because, well, three states out of fifty taking basic civil rights away from LGBT folks is hardly change I can call good.

But I've decided that my inner cynic needs to STFU and cope. The gay rights movement is comparatively young (at least in terms of public exposure), and I think it is ultimately naive to hope for a radical shift in public opinion after only a few decades, especially in a country as predominantly uncomfortable about sex and sexuality as the United States (sorry, but it's true).

Looking closely at the voter results for the three "ban gay marriage" propositions shows that a huge majority of 18-24s opposed them. I don't see a good reason for these young people to change their minds when they do grow into the majority age bracket. Change will come. It didn't come this year, and it might not come in 2012, and maybe not even in 2016. But it'll come. America did, after all, vote for change yesterday.

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