November 12th, 2008

ichigo calendar

let's not, and say we did

0001 - From the spam folder: sexual enhancement right now! I read that as "sexual harassment right now!" and thought, boy howdy, people will buy anything these days.

0010 - One last crack art for ideoteca: Collapse )

0011 - Gokudera's character song came up on shuffle this morning and it just hit me -- it's a TANGO, AHHHHHHHHH. Y SO GAY, GOKUDERA? XD I now want some 5980 (or hell, even 8059) where Yamamoto and Gokudera do Italy, with desperate kissing in a rain-drenched cat's alley deep in a seedy part of Venice. And angry blowjobs after Gokudera fails to work their hotel room's espresso machine and blows it up instead. Ngh.

0100 - I am exactly 18 filthy lucres away from the sniff tome in KoL. To celebrate this forthcoming happy acquisition, I took a test: Collapse )

0101 - FMA 89! I had to wait until lunch today to read it because last night my attention span was even more gnat-like than usual; I started fifteen things and finished none of them. Collapse )

Also, I went looking for a box set of the FMA manga volumes (in English) but found none. This makes me sadface. Maybe there will be once more than 20 volumes are out?

0110 - Speaking of gnat-like attention spans, OMG two fics are due v. soon. *scrambles to home base*