December 7th, 2008

ichigo calendar

lemonade light filtering through the trees

0001 - Happy meme, day 3! Reborn 221!!! Collapse )

0010 - Dear Megaupload,

Just because I've added Japanese to the list of languages in my Firefox does not mean you need to redirect me to the Japanese version of Megaupload every time I click one of your links. Granted, I can navigate around your /jp/ version just fine even though I don't understand anything the buttons say, but wtf.

Yours in bewildered amusement,

0011 - Because some people seemed interested, here are the answers to the "make your own song" meme from yesterday:

Collapse )

micro_raptor got nearly all of them correctly, and even though they weren't all there, I'm writing Bleach genfic anyway. *total pushover* :> I liked this meme! I should do it again, but include foreign-language songs next time. XDDDDD

0100 - *goes back to finishing pinch hit o'doom*

0101 - Collapse )