December 11th, 2008

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Fic: [Bleach] 4AM Eternal [Tatsuki gen; PG]

ETA: HAPPY MEME, CHEATER'S VERSION: what made me happy today (day 7) is finishing this fic! XD

Title: 4 AM Eternal
Author: furiosity
Fandom: Bleach
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Characters: Tatsuki, Shinji, Hiyori
Pairing: None.
Warning: Mild spoiler for the current arc.
Disclaimer: Kubo owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: 1200 words
Summary: Tatsuki goes for a morning run in a ghost town.
Dedication: For micro_raptor, who asked for Tatsuki-centric fic with maybe added Vizards set sometime in the present. :>
Beta: None, sorry!
Note: My first actually finished Bleach fic ever omfg. :S Er, the ending sort of just hangs there, but it's supposed to, since I kinda imagined this as a manga chapter before I sat down to write it. :>
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated.

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