December 13th, 2008

ichigo calendar

the picture frames have changed and so has your name

0001 - Reborn 222! Collapse )

0010 - FMA 90! Collapse )

0011 - Hypothetical question time! Let's say you accidentally come into possession of information that proves with 99% certainty that a particular fandom member has been up to Very Bad Things (fannishly speaking). You don't know this person -- you know of them, but you've never actually interacted beyond maybe a comment conversation once in the distant past. The Very Bad Things, while bad in the general sense, are not (visibly) hurting anyone presently. Were the information to come out, people who trust this person would get hurt, however, and one or more of those people are your friends. It's basically a situation of no matter how your friends find out, they're going to feel bad.

Collapse )

0100 - Collapse )

Okay, I am off to finish today's Snitch issue, answer comments, and write. *\o/*