December 22nd, 2008

ichigo calendar

and our kittens all wrapped in cement


I am done with fests. I wrote for two fests in two fandoms this holiday season, and also did four pinch hits (note to modly beings: the last two of these are in stages of beta and will be in your inboxes soon :D). But no more fests. Because I thought about it earlier this year, and realised that so much of what I've written in the past 4 years (~150 proper fics and about as many flashfics/drabbles) has been for fests/challenges of various shapes and sizes, and, well, it's enough.

I've learned a lot from writing to (various levels of) spec, and maybe one day I will make a boring tl;dr post about it, but that day is not today. Today I am GLEEFUL.

Though one little thing. This time around, I learned absolutely and for certain that I cannot write PWP. It just doesn't work for me; every time I try, it feels unfinished and utterly meaningless. (Note to the easily offended: I am not saying "all PWP is utterly meaningless" here; I'm saying that I haven't got the skill to pull off PWP that isn't meaningless.) I wrote to one of my betas last night that the only thing left to write in my PWP was the sex scene. She loled. >.>


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