January 12th, 2009

ichigo calendar

the shift key is what's for dinner

0001 - hp_gen_ch is now defunct! I've closed membership to the comm and removed everyone except a sock maintainer -- the comm will stay up as an archive. The reason I didn't put the comm up for adoption is that there's no point having a gen challenge community with omniocular around. I have always hated the idea of 29382 comms for the same thing, so I don't want to contribute to it.

0010 - Anyway, the rest of the one-sentence fic requests -- under hereCollapse )

0011 - In other news, AI season 8 begins tomorrow! :D There's apparently a fourth judge this year, too, which made me wonder: I've never watched a season with a guest judge -- how do they decide if the vote is split down the middle? Coin toss? Veto-ing poor Paula? Anyone? Bueller?