January 22nd, 2009

ichigo calendar


0001 - Katakana = done. :"> I'm taking some extra time to practise the katakana-only compound syllables, and then it's onwards into the land of grammar and vocab. :S

0010 - I have realised that there is absolutely no way to make decent-looking kenseikan without dropping far more cash than I'm willing to spend on a hobby. So I will not be cosplaying Byakuya -- instead, I will go as Ukitake at SDCC in July. I vacillated between Gin (icon) and Ukitake, but, well, I have the eye colour for Ukitake (THANK YOU FOR THAT, DEAR KUBO), and I don't think I can pull off Gin's ever-present creepy grin. Also, my persistent smoker's cough makes me a shoo-in for Captain Tuberculosis. >_> DON'T JUDGE ME, FOR I AM OBSESSED. Whether or not I am going to embarrass all my friends spectacularly at Azkatraz by wearing a shinigami outfit -- well, the jury is still out on that one. But I'm still totally going to do it for the HBP line party. XP

0011 - There were some snide remarks here, but I deleted them, because after typing them out, I realised I actually don't give a shit! Is that weird? :D

0100 - lolcutCollapse )