February 23rd, 2009

ichigo calendar

ты зашухарила всю нашу малину и перо за это получай

0001 - Thank you for the kittens, everybody ♥ -- the aliens were somewhat mollified, and they have released me after extracting a promise to finish the Draco with kittens story within the next six months, no excuses. Life hard.

0010 - djin7, I was totally going to create a masterpiece of modern stick art for you, but the bloody aliens only gave me a pen and some paper, so this is all I could do with your prompt of Roy/Ed/Ling; tango. What Ed is doing is totally up to your imagination. *snicker* (Also, if it doesn't load, it's because LJ Scrapbook is being a whore today *shakes fist* Reloading usually makes it show up.)

0011 - I was also totally going to finish Second Best today, but didn't quite manage to. I blame the aliens flu. :( It still needs another longish scene, and it's kind of important so I don't want to rush through it. I have enough words to post a "chapter", but I also don't want to end on another cliffhanger, so instead I will post the whole ending chapter on Thursday! :x

0100 - Today officially marks a full month (4 weeks exactly) since I began my Exercise Regimen for Lazy People. It's also the longest I've stuck to any exercise regimen since high school (which was mumblemumble years ago *cough*). I had mentioned earlier that I'd amended it to a daily 30-second increase instead of a weekly 5-minute increase. I am now up to 18 minutes! Though because of the flu, I've had to drop my speed from 20 km/h to 16 km/h over the past two days. :\

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