April 13th, 2009

ichigo calendar

i will be thinking of your love

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I would be really annoyed if this were a troll, because of how upset it makes me -- nobody wants to be told that they were/are upset for no real reason, especially when the upsetting thing is personally hurtful. Like, I read one article about this, and it cited some lady saying "I'm a heterosexual adult female and I'm very upset by this" and I was like, "o.O;; no, really? Try being GLBT, cupcake." Then I realised that "I'm heterosexual" is not meant to be offensive in this context, but is instead supposed to carry extra weight, as in, "look, you didn't just upset the gays! You also upset the heterosexuals!" And the fact that this is supposed to somehow make the argument more potent? It hurts. I don't know how else to say it.

And if the reason behind all this is an epic troll, it would cheapen, if not all-out invalidate, the anger and hurt. So I can definitely understand not wanting to believe it wasn't corporate shenanigans but rather the actions of a bored 20something white male with aspirations to hackerdom. But not wanting to believe something and refusing to believe it are different things. In general, I am so very tired of constantly redefining where I draw the line in believing things I read on the Internet. *grump*

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