November 30th, 2009

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Best Movie Titles of All Time

To round out Nablopomo, I bring you this list, chosen according to the highly scientific and completely accurate method of randomly browsing IMDb whilst half-crazed from caffeine and suffering from an acute lack of delicious cake. My absolute favourites (titles, not movies -- I've only seen a few of these) are bolded. :D

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Do you know any that aren't on this list? In another language is fine too as long as the translation is available. :D Have you seen any of them?

I kind of want to run a fest with these. You know, people get assigned a random title and have to write fic/draw art/perform interpretive dance and post it to YT. Then I remember how much wank fest mods have to endure and think better of it. But if you want to take the list and idea and run with it, feel free to! Why are you looking at me like that? I always snicker like this...

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Also, I am still taking drabble requests over here in yesterday. And that concludes your programming for the month of November; I am sure you're all relieved. XD
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