December 12th, 2009

ichigo calendar

load it, check it, quick - rewrite it

0001 - A reminder! Don't Like Don't Read is only a logical and reasonable defence if the person hasn't actually read it already or had ample warning they wouldn't like it but read it anyway (i.e. "don't complain about Mpreg in a fic if there's a clear label on the header" = reasonable. "if you don't like Mpreg, don't read it!" when NO labels are present = wanky as all fuck). I tried reading Twilight back before everyone was screaming how bad it was: I did not like it after 3 pages, so I did not buy it. But if I had liked enough to read half, or even all the way until the end only to be hugely disappointed? Buying and reading the book did not strip me of my right to say I don't like it. If I read something only to realise in the end that I don't like it, yes, I fucking well get to say I did not like it -- any time, anywhere, to anyone. End of fucking discussion. You do not have my internet permission to tell me to "put up or shut up". For those who would do so anyway, I have only this. You are free to disagree/defriend/ban as you feel is appropriate, but budge me on this you will not.

0010 - A lot of people said "what is it?" on my poll yesterday and while I realise that option was unfortunately phrased -- I don't expect many of you actually want to know what it is, but if you are curious, Collapse )

0011 - I saw on my flist earlier today that some HP fanartist is going to self-publish a book of her fanart and sell it online. I... am not sure where I stand on this. I've never had any issue with book-based art commissions because I feel they are a priori not as infringing as, say, prompt-driven fanfic -- since the fanartist is drawing to spec based on the requester's (and her own) interpretation of the canon source where no reliable (and thus stealable) graphical representation of the canon characters exists in the first place. However, I've always been a little "..." about the selling of fanart prints -- I gleefully buy them for the Japanese fandoms I'm in because it's actually legalor at least tolerated by creators in Japan to profit off derivative work, but that is just not the case outside Japan. I am not saying this from the POV of "wah wah fanartists get away with everything what about meeeeeeeeeeee" (because let's face it, a ficcer would be strung the fuck up if s/he tried to do something like this); I have never had any desire to profit off my fan fiction, and I think fanartists' work in non-visual media is generally less infringing than that of ficcers, but... reprinting fanworks en masse to sell for profit? My internal barometer is at a pretty steady "do not want" on that one. What do you think? I'm particularly curious what the fanartists among you think about this kind of thing.

[the obvious]My internal barometer is mine alone and has no bearing on the fandom at large; I am saying what -I- think, and I'm asking because I want to know what other people think. And yes apparently I DO need to say this every time! -_-[/the obvious]