January 13th, 2010

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AI Season 9: Atlanta Auditions

Before I get on with it, I am sure you have already heard that the most devastating earthquake in 200 years has hit Haiti.

A multifandom auction community has been set up at help_haiti as a place for fen to help raise money to assist all the victims of this horrific tragedy. Even if you do not plan on participating in the auction, please help boost the signal by sharing the link in the fannish space[s] you occupy: your journal, communities you maintain, Twitter, fannish forums you frequent, etc. I would like to offer something too, but since I feel that fan fiction is not mine to give away in this manner, I'm not sure what else -- beta-reading services? tl;dr ramblings on subjects of dubious importance? FANDOM COMMENTARY USING STICK FIGURES? /o\

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Right, I am off to the LA area until Sunday (work, not play -- though I do get to see some pretty damn awesome people while there *\o/*). I'll be around, but not as much as usual, so please don't break the internets while I am gone. ~!
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