August 26th, 2010

inoue offers a kitty

1001 things

0001 - This week is another super long one. D:

0010 - But FanExpo is on Saturday, yay! I wasn't going to cosplay originally, but I'll take Hibari along since anathema91 is a filthy enabler.

0011 - And next week at this time I will be on my way to the airport to fly to Dragon*Con. :D I need the vacation, for srs. (wtf self, you just went on vacation 3 weeks ago -_-).

0100 - Bella is fixed! Considering that the previous two times with the body shop my old insurance company used, it took 3 weeks each even though they claimed they'd take less than a week, I am very impressed. Going to pick her up tomorrow morning. \o/

0101 - I've updated my about this journal page to better reflect the current state of things, plus I've felt for ages that it was too tl;dr anyway.

0110 - Also I made a list of fandoms I'm in and things I like, dislike/avoid, and plan to pick up. (Recs welcome. :D)

0111 - I've been doing a lot of thinking about engaging in discussion about social issues and the weight/relevance of experience. Collapse )

1000 - Collapse )

1001 - I am going to change all my icon keywords to random song lyrics because I feel like it. And possibly change a bunch of my tags around. /o\