September 11th, 2010


так что ешьте лук, батенька, а на ночь парацетамол

LJ: it will no longer be possible to cross-post screened comments or comments left on Friends Only entries.

Anyone still crying that public cross-posting violates privacy/copyright/the Nth amendment and should not be allowed? Be less ridiculous, please.

These days even someone with the most rudimentary knowledge of programming web applications can write some code in about 20 minutes to export and/or repost any publicly available RSS feed. In an hour, they can write an app to export and/or repost any public Web site, period. This is one of the ways in which the WWW was always intended to work.

If you don't want your shit reposted by anyone ever at all, lock it down. LiveJournal is not your babysitter.