October 22nd, 2010

gin-san would like to make an apo

sometimes i do post because i am reacting

This week I had a very stark reminder of an unfortunate Catch-22 queer people too often face when engaging straight people in discussion.

This was prompted by a discussion that was locked from the start, and as such, if you were privy to it, please do not reveal the identities of the people involved in any way; it was locked for a reason and I have no intention of disrespecting the friendslock. I will screen any comments that refer specifically to any people or situations discussed or mentioned in that post. This post is not meant to shame or call out anyone who was involved; that was already accomplished in that post and later in private.

And if you're gossiping about this, I hope all your hair falls out, you bastard.

Dear fellow queers,

the sarcastic versionCollapse )

(almost) all sarcasm aside, here's PSA.

Dear straight allies:

the non-sarcastic versionCollapse )

And FTR if you are seriously having that much trouble reconciling what you have read in this post with my (continuing) "fan works posted in public are fair game for criticism, regardless of the author's feelings" stance: fan works are not ~serious business~. Queer identity and gay rights are serious business in the completely non-ironic sense of the phrase.

(Uh, happy spirit week? -_-)