November 2nd, 2010

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I... what?

ETA: FictionAlley has withdrawn from the Pepsi Refresh project

Wow, I just. I just saw this post linked from wank report, and I'm, wow, I am just floored. Fiction Alley is applying for a corporate grant to help keep the site running.

Setting aside the fact that a fan fiction site is asking for $25K from a huge corporate entity, which I think has serious problems in itself, but like I said, leaving that aside. They're doing so in a project tier where other ideas asking for funding are things like fighting human trafficking, building wheelchair ramps, animal welfare, school programmes, disaster preparation in susceptible areas, etc.

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Um, am I wrong? Is there something I'm just not seeing here that makes a Harry Potter fan community deserving of funds that would otherwise be used to help people or animals in actual, possibly dire, need?

ETA: A post about this is up at unfunnybusiness.