January 19th, 2011

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American Idol Season 10

It turns out I have deep, abiding fangirl loyalty to Steven Tyler, whose music has been an enormously important (and in some ways even defining), part of my life since I was just a tiny little thing. In fact, after tonight, I gotta say that Steven Tyler's antics >>>>>>>>> Simon Cowell's snark.

And I am developing a ridiculous crush on Jennifer Lopez. How adorable is she? She actually went full-on fangirl "eeeeeee!" at one point tonight, and I was like, wow, I kind of want to have her hypothetical babies.

WTF, this show.

Bring it on. :D

But recaps are a pain, plus other people do those better anyway, so I guess I'll just post about the season from time to time. Unless it gets horrible, in which case I'll probably bitch and moan about it a lot. :D