August 14th, 2011

romilda likes japan

Well, I'm back.

Japan was incredible. So incredible that I actually haven't quite even been able to internalise it enough to talk about it to others; for some time, I think, if at all.

I'll post pics from the various places we visited and of course a separate set from the Bleach Bankai Matsuri event that ran from last Sunday to this one (OMG I WENT LIKE FOUR TIMES AND HAD SO MUCH FUN!) but I know I'll feel bereft just sorting through the pics, so I can't promise an actual report. I didn't want to leave and I'm already making plans to go back, and as soon as I can (and this time I'll come back with a new set of tattoos). :D

All in all, amazing, brilliant, most sincerely awesome trip. ^_^
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