August 27th, 2011

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Japan Videos

I've finally started sorting through my pics, and got the videos out of the way first -- they uploaded while I was off getting Bella serviced, so here they are.

The first one is from Day 4 of the trip, when we went to eat okonomiyaki in Osaka Station City. After that, we ducked outside so Snow Peas (XD) and I could have a smoke, and, in addition to giant Pokemans (not pictured), we saw this fountain display, which really needs to be seen to be believed.

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The second one is from near the entrance to the Daisen-in sub-temple of the Daitoku-ji in Kyoto; the cicadas were so loud that I just had to take a video, which in the end doesn't at all capture how amazing that place is -- despite the cicadas all but roaring, it's absolutely tranquil.

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The last one is kind of boring just by itself, admittedly. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a 1:1 replica of a section of Tokyo in the year 1958. I think I took more photos here than I have ever taken at one time in any one place, because when I say replica, I don't mean cheap window dressing -- the attention to detail is incredible. It was like seeing really amazing, true-to-character cosplay, if buildings could cosplay. I'll probably babble about it more when I have pics up, but yeah, it was fucking awesome. The video captures the sounds from an overhead speaker inside a little lift cubbyhole that led to stairs; from what I understood, those sounds were originally recorded at an actual Tokyo train station in 1958.

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