September 4th, 2011


Japan Photos!

Most of them are in a collection here. Some sets have much fewer items than others, but I organised them like that on purpose so I can add photos after future trips. :) The sets are in "order of appearance" date-wise; that is, we went to all those places in that order.

There are no deliberate pictures of people; just buildings, scenery, signs, sculptures, crowd shots, etc. I've tried my best to be descriptive, but sometimes I got lazy (there are close to 1500 photos, dammit XD) -- if you have questions/comments about any of the photos, feel free to add them here or there -- though I'm kind of crap at using flickr for anything but uploading photos).

I had around 60 pics that didn't really fit with set themes; they're up on flickr if you use the "japan" tag but they're not in a set -- I'll be posting one a day to my Tumblr over the next couple of months, along with some merchandise photos I took after inventorying my gigantic haul upon returning home. :">

Also, there is a separate set for the Bleach Harajuku Bankai Matsuri (the 10th anniversary event held from August 7th to the 14th); a very large proportion of this set is close-ups of the timeline display and the relationship chart. I can't convey through either words or gestures how amazing this event was and how lucky I feel to have been able to actually participate in it. SO MANY FEELINGS.

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