November 15th, 2011

ichigo calendar


0001 - Spent a long weekend in Orlando, visiting the Islands of Adventure (mostly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :D :D) and Universal Studios with karaz, kerryblaze and pixycat! It was awesome; photos forthcoming later this week, I hope. But alas, no more cons for me until KoLCon next year in AZ, because a return trip to Japan is happening in March 2013 and those require long-term planning. ;_; Still going to Anime North 2012, obviously, backyard and all that.

0010 - The Hunger Games trailer looks pretty fucking badass, though I admit Katniss's district footage threw me off a bit -- I was expecting something more bleak/post-industrial. It almost feels like they're going to spin it like District 12 is some kind of lush-green earthly paradise to come home to (except for the evil overlords showing up every year to steal the chillunz, obvs), but I guess I'll hold that thought until I see the film! Very probably going to go and see it in a theatre, even, which will be a first since, um Inception. >.>

0011 - Meme from several people, with cleaned-up coding and questions by bzzinglikeneon! Pick a number ~ any number.Collapse )
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