March 29th, 2012

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Fic: [HP] Those Who Are Alike Will Fight [Harry/Draco; PG-13]

This is objectively terrible. Sorry, Kara. orz

Title: Those Who Are Alike Will Fight
Author: furiosity
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Crack/Humour
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Pairing: Harry/Draco, well, sort of.
Warnings: Unapologetic toilet humour, dick jokes, inappropriate use of bodily fluids, obscured references to stuff, stolen gags, terrible plot devices.
Disclaimer: JKR owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: (666 x 4) + 36 = 2700 words
Summary: Draco's long-awaited day off is totally ruined. By "long-awaited" we of course mean "unexpected"; by "day off" we of course mean "forced leave of absence", and by "totally ruined" we of course mean "totally ruined". Oh, wait.
Beta: None. u_u
Note: A (really very quite) belated birthday gift for karaz, whose prompt was a H/D fic based on Gintama episode 48. Title is identical to Gintama chapter 75 (and similar to episode 48) for obvious reasons. Not a crossover, though! That's for later.
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated. Though in this particular instance, I probably won't listen to you.

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