November 1st, 2012

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Short Precarious Anecdote Month

It's November! I haven't touched NaNoWriMo since winning it in 2004. This year, I'm sort of participating but I'm not doing a novel. Instead I am going to attempt to write a one-shot of at least 1667 words each day, in a number of fandoms. I'm calling it Short Precarious Anecdote Month -- precarious being used in the sense that I'm not actually sure if I'll be able to stick with this. ^^;;

If I miss a day, I must carry the previous story over to the following day so that I have to write two one-shots that day, etc. There is a theme to this challenge, which I will explain at the end. ETA: DONE. :)

This is the master post that I'll update with each story as it's posted. If your birthday falls on one of these dates, please feel free to leave me a prompt, in any of the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Bleach, Gintama, Kuroko no Basket, One Piece, Naruto, Reborn!, No. 6, Project K, Sakamichi no Apollon, Beelzebub, SKET Dance. (ETA: If you have an AO3 account, please tell me your username there so I can tag it when I post. ^^)

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ichigo calendar

Fic: [Gintama] Get a Big Duck [Hijikata, Okita, Kondou, Gintoki, Tama, Elizabeth, Katsura; PG-13]

Title: Get a Big Duck
Fandom: Gintama
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Hijikata, Okita, Kondou, Gintoki, Tama, Elizabeth, Katsura
Disclaimer: Sorachi owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Summary: The Shogun makes a strange request of the Shinsengumi. Things... escalate.
Length: 2000 words
Note: Written for Short Precarious Anecdote Month.

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