April 25th, 2014

jump at my age

getting to + around Iwami, Tottori (the town that inspired Iwatobi in Free!)

I tried to be as detailed as I could, but if anything is missing/unclear, please feel free to comment, inbox me, or email my tumblr url @ gmail, and I'll add it in if I know the answer or let you know if I don't. Please note that this guide thing only includes the town of Iwami -- not the Tottori Sand Dunes featured in the ED or the school in Kishiwada used to create Iwatobi High (someone who received permission to film inside that school uploaded a video here. That person also documented a visit to several Tottori locations to do with Free! (including Iwami) here!).

This journey's a bit off the typical tourist path: if you don't speak or understand enough Japanese to get directions, you might run into bit of trouble should you lose your way. OTOH as trips off the beaten path go, this one doesn't have a high difficulty level -- you would honestly have to really try to get lost in Iwami, because there are big ass hills in the middle of it (and all around it) with no maintained roadways so you have to go around them. Side streets are few (and short).

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