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A nice rest at the detox

0001 - *shakes with silent laughter* This won't make much sense except to the Russians (or Russian speakers with knowledge of the thieves' cants) amongst you, but omfg! Rap rendition of Murka. *rolls around* I died a little, I swear. :))

0010 - I've made yesterday's post with the H/D and Draco questions private, now. I promise I will tell all (and make the post public again) soonishly. ♥ Thanks to everyone who played! *cackles*

0011 - I was doing research for a fic (maps and aerial photos and driving directions, oh my!) and found surfing wank. As in, surfers wanking on the internets about etiquette and such. There were accusations of "jumped-up little wanker" and demands for real names to be revealed and ... yeah. Wow. o.O

0100 - I've worked over 40 hours in the past four days.

0101 - And on that note, I shall excuse myself with "I'm overworked and stressed the fuck out, damn you" and proceed to
[12:39] imadra_blue: i shall never bad mouth george [lucas] again. ever.
[12:39] furiosity: no?
[12:39] imadra_blue: i watched this documentary that took 2 hours on how much work they put into ONE MINUTE OF THE MOVIE
[12:39] imadra_blue: my god.
[12:39] imadra_blue: it's insane, f. the work they did for rots...
[12:40] imadra_blue: i'll prolly be back to making fun of him and forgetting this promise to myself in a couple days, but right now, i am floored.
[12:41] furiosity: i can imagine
[12:41] furiosity: dude, when I get all "psh, JKR" I just think of her cardboard boxes filled with notes and the years of research

Those who've been around for a while probably know where this is going. Looks like it's the time of the year to bag on JKR or something.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I poke fun at JKR's adverbs. I make fun of the silly plot devices and people smiling their dialogue, yeah. I'm on the fence about the moralising because I'm not quite convinced yet that things are as clear-cut as they seem, but I definitely sympathise with those in our fandom who scoff at some of the hypocrisy that's inherent in the "Gryffindor" reading of the HP books. In general, I think JKR should fire her editor and hire me a new one.

Hell, there are people in this fandom who positively hate the HP books themselves and are only here because our fandom has the best writers -- for all our Harmonians batshittery, for all the wank and for all the pseudo-intellectual posturing, we do have a significant concentration of fantastically talented people. There are writers in fandom who are far more skilled than JKR, that's true. But dude. We're here because of her, and even those who say they hate the books? Are here because those writers they admire didn't hate them, were inspired, and created something in JKR's world that managed to be as compelling (or perhaps even more compelling) than canon.

She created this world, these characters, the magic -- and yes, I know, it's not all 100% original, so what? Nothing is, these days; rumour has it that Shakespeare was just retreading Greek mythology, for the love of soap. I personally laugh at JKR's magic system because I have one of my own that took me four years to perfect; I'm damn proud of it and have been known to cackle fiendishly over the database files that contain it. But that? Is only a facet of a world, and when I do complete my novel, I probably won't end up using 80% of what's there in those files. The point is, I know what goes into worldbuilding and I can't disrespect anyone else's, no matter how flawed it might be (and JKR is damn fucking fine at that particular aspect of writing, mkay, while we're on the subject). The ease with which some people dismiss JKR's work as sub-par simply because it's not up to their hoity-toity standards baffles me, and frankly I'm not sure how they manage to get off those high horses of theirs long enough to write the next great slashfic set in JKR's universe.

Last year, someone had said what basically amounted to "I can totes do better than JKR" and there was wank. I'd added my two pennies to that particular discussion and my answer remains the same this year. Bitch, please. A great writer is not necessarily one who can massage words and turn them into something poetically creative -- while I don't particularly care what or how everyone else writes, I'll tell you straight up as a reader that if all you've got is pretty words, you're not gonna hold my attention for very long, cos me? I like to read stories where stuff happens -- what can I say? I'm common and uncultured like that. And JKR tells a damn good story, man. Not perfect, and I cringe when I see people proclaim JKR the best writer ever (cos that she definitely ain't), but wtf, wtf! Don't like her work, get the fuck out of her fandom, yeah? Because newsflash, pretties: it's her fandom, too.

If you find yourself going "omg, I can do better!1" fucking do it, man. Quitcher bitching and do it. Come up with a world, a set of characters, a plot. Spend years doing research, pour all you have into it -- heart, soul, sweat, tears, sleepless nights. Put time into writing the story even though you've got a kid to feed and you aren't sure where your next meal's coming from. Watch the rejection letters pile up until that one shiny day and that one beautiful letter. Watch the first positive reviews pop up, watch a fandom form around what you've created, sign the movie deal, buy yourself a new house (on a new hill).

Until then, please STFU and have some fucking respect. I heard some was for sale on Ebay last week, bidding started at $one (1) clue.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have porn to write.
Tags: meta:fandom, rant
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