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Have you had one of those days lately when you just scroll down your friends list and look at all the wonderful people you know... and wanted to smack a fair number of them?
No. When I want to smack someone on my flist, it means they've done something to deserve it and I likely have already talked to them about it if that's the case.

I'm sure you all know that every once in while, it's good to share your true feelings.
As opposed to sharing fake feelings the rest of the time? Oh, wow, there's a fun policy. f to Earth: your logic appears to have gone missing again, sorry about that.

It can be stress relieving, an opportunity to express true feelings while proving to be awfully amusing for those not taking part.
It's a form of stress relief to shit on other people with impunity? I'm really behind the times, aren't I? Here I am, still wasting my time on punching holes through my wall and then curling up with a nice cup of tea. Silly me.

Needless to say, I'm not participating in the 'brutal honesty' meme, so if you for whatever reason think one of your anons is me -- it's not. If I were to participate, I wouldn't go anon because me and anonymous 'honesty' (*snerk*) are not an OTP. I've made exceptions for snaps cup memes, but that was it (because let's face it, there's a certain appeal in thinking that someone who you aren't already good friends with thinks well of you). I think the "anon on, IP off" kind of defeats the whole purpose of 'brutal honesty'. It's one thing to know that someone on your flist thinks less-than-flattering things of you, it's quite another to know who it is. The latter is the truth, the former is a simulacrum. Brutal honesty, my foot.

I get that sometimes one just wants to vent their frustration about a friend's less-than-appealing qualities or actions -- without compromising what's otherwise a good friendship. However, this is when you vent to another friend, someone you can trust not to 'pass it along', you don't go and publicly vilify that person and then hide behind 'oh, it's just a way to vent frustration, I love them really!' If you care about someone, you shouldn't go out of your way to cause them discomfort. And making someone feel paranoid is going out of your way to cause that person discomfort. There's just no excuse for that sort of behaviour other than being a cowardly dickwad. Which is not much of an excuse, in case this is somehow unclear from my phrasing.

We don't say everything that's on our minds 100% of the time, that's human. But if you're just itching that badly to say something nasty to a particular person? For the love of soap, grow a pair and do it, man. But do it yourself, not under the handy-dandy cover of 'anonymous'. Otherwise you? Aren't being honest -- brutally or otherwise -- you're being a lame twat.

Please don't give me no bullshit about "they're asking for it". People are asking for honesty -- good or bad -- not buckets of shit to be flung at them. I feel a bit like a broken record, but: surprisingly enough, you don't have to be a twatwaffle extraordinaire in order to bring off this 'being honest' thing, trust me. And if you're taking advantage of the meme to say nasty things to people you barely know but are jealous enough of them to dislike them (or because you've got entitlement issues and said people don't feed your ego)? Kindly fuck off (or at least find yourself a decent head shrinker).
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