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Christ on a cracker

0001 - My grandmother appears to have become hooked on Lost. This means she'll stay up an extra hour every evening (they're showing Season 1 here, or something?) and that's one less peaceful hour for me. Christ on a cracker, those in charge of Hungarian television programming. Couldn't you have scheduled it for the late mornings, when I'm sleeping? ._.

0010 - Did you know that Harry/Draco shippers are angsty, brainless fangirls, mostly young or at least immature, who project our hurts and frustrations onto the characters? Christ on a cracker, fandom. If you're going to make grossly generalised statements about groups of people in this fandom, at least try to sound like you know what you're talking about. Otherwise, you'll just get a big old o.O (at least from me).

0011 - starrysummer has thoughts on sorting. I have many thoughts on sorting, but I haven't got time to type them out. I've always laughed at fanon conceptions of Slytherins as the debauched orgy-makers because it's so obviously an assumption made without a close reading of canon and based on stereotypical thinking. Elsewhere on my flist there was a discussion of this earlier today (flocked); I'm just reposting the comment I made there as it pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

I've been saying that [that the stereotypical Slytherin would probably be the least likely candidate for sexual deviancy] for ages! Slytherins are the freakin social conservatives, and they're likely to be that way about sex, too. I don't think they're necessarily frigid/rigid once it comes to sex, but I rather think they are taught to keep it private, whether in their families (for the wealthy kids) or once they get to Hogwarts, by the wealthy kids (who are more than likely the ones who immediately assume that they've got teh powah).

I think outward sexually deviant behaviour would be the cause of ostracism in Slytherin house, not "omg, one of us!1" Of course, this also readily lends itself to Slytherin, as the 'prudish' house, turning out people who become obsessed with sex as taboo, but even that is flimsy. Slytherins aren't obsessed with breaking rules and asserting their individuality, they're more about seeing the rules as relative when it suits them (but as rigid and set in stone when their enemies are concerned -- hey, no one ever said Slytherins couldn't be hypocrites XD).

Also, Slytherin is home of the INTJ. Not exactly the ideal personality profile for 'sex-crazed freak'.

As for what it is that makes fandom tar Slytherin with the 'omg orgy!' brush? Dunno. Snakes, probably. Evil. Dungeons. Hufflepuffs live in the dungeon too, fandom. And their symbol is a badger, and I think badger sex is far more exciting than snake sex, especially if you consider that at least badgers are warm-blooded. Plz to be inflicting the depravity on the Hufflepuffs and leave the Slytherins to their bartending duties, kthx!

Massi, weren't you going to do a post on the sexual profiles of the four houses? Someone might beat you to it if you don't! :P But basically, Christ on a cracker, people. At least pretend to pay attention to the books, willya?

0100 - Would like to go and see GoF, but it's only showing in English in two places in the entire city. Christ on a cracker.

0101 - If I never see another English-for-beginners textbook, it will be too soon. Christ on a... you get the idea. 120 more pages to go, deadline's Sunday. Fwore! I'm so bored by now that I'm reading gay subtext into the dialogues.
Tags: meta:canon, meta:slytherin, rant
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