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Obligatory GoF post, or something [insert witty remark about lateness]

0001 - Saw GoF. Meh. From a detached, intellectual standpoint, I can understand all the renewed Cedric/Harry shipping but I ain't feelin' it, yanno? I'll always be a canon fan, and this movie is not my canon. I did think it was very, very pretty, and the Voldemort sequence was especially well-done. But even Viktor doesn't act like canon!Viktor, doesn't look like canon!Viktor -- I am not complaining, mind, because Stanislav is teh sex, but like I said. Meh. If anything, it's made me squee for Harry/Ron. Twice. :D

0010 - A funny thing happened at the theatre, before I went in. prettyveela, this is what I was talking about. \:D/
It's the time of the year for me to wear my long black coat that looks kind of like a cloak, except it's much thicker than a cloak, obviously. I was wearing my Slytherin scarf draped across my shoulders and my hair down (my hair, in case you have not seen the bazillion TWH pics, is longish and black). I got a dirty look from a young girl in a Gryffindor scarf and gave her a tiny lil' sneer, just lil' enough so her mum wouldn't see me doing it. She seemed properly chastised. XD! But that's not the funny thing.

I was smoking outside before the show, with my coat's hood up. The wind was blowing from the back and it was whipping my hair (which I didn't bother tucking back when I put my hood up) into my face. This is, as you can probably guess, very annoying when one is trying to smoke. So I cursed under my breath in English (I don't remember what I said, but it might have been "motherfuckin' wind" or similar) and someone called from the direction of the door (in Hungarian), "omg are they having some sort of special program still?" I look up (probably still looking murderous) with "Excuse me?" And this guy is standing there, holding the door open -- he actually backed up a step at the sight of my face. He looks at me again and he's like "you're supposed to be Bellatrix, aren't you?" I DIED LAUGHING. And then I was like "" Anyway, we ended up chatting for a while, he's an offline fan. Turns out that (either a group of local cosplayers or someone) were doing some sort of special programs at some theatres in the city for the midnight premiere last week, and he'd thought they were still doing them and I was one of them. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or offended, because Bellatrix looks pretty damn scary when we see her in canon. >.> Yeah, I'll be Bella at Lumos. XP

0011 - Hey, H/D fans? pir8fancier has updated We Are the Champions with Chapter 6 - Hell in a Handbasket. Oh my God. It's the only WIP I'm following and selfishly I hope she never finishes it, ever, because I can never get enough of this Draco. This whole story borders on crackfic (come on, wank olympics!) but is not quite that. It's AU as it's been going since well before HBP came out, but it's awesome. Just... read it. Seriously. I've never met anyone who's regretted doing so. It's fun, it's hot, it's clever. *nudges*

0100 - scoradh is talking about porn.

0101 - Gotta get the old nose back to the old grindstone, btw. Work again. *weepz*
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