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Augh. *rubs forehead* Christ, fandom. Can we just... omg. What? WTF! WTF ARE YOU DOING COMPLAINING ABOUT SMUTMAS LIKE IT'S BEEN A BIG SECRET ALL THIS TIME? Where the fuck were you with the complaining when sign-ups began in August? It's been going for three years, it happens every December. If you're that fucking offended by the fact that this fandom likes its porn, can I respectfully suggest you ... avoid the porn? Because yeah, not that hard to do. Fandom's going to like porn whether you like it or not and no, fandom doesn't revolve around your candy ass, nor will it ever. I'm a genfic writer and a non-porny shipfic writer and a porn writer, so I suppose it's easy for me to say. But seriously, stop wanking. It's annoying. JUST THINK. You could be spending that time writing the GENFIC THAT WILL MAGICALLY CONVERT ALL THOSE HORRIBLE PORNICATORS TO THE ONE TRUE WAY OF GENFIC!1!!1one!1.

"Oh, woe. Why isn't anyone running a genfic Xmas exchange?" BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT RUNNING IT, GENIUS. STFU ALREADY. >:0


Seriously, man. I think it's scary when people say "I'm here for the porn" because hi, porn is the same in every fandom. Surely there's more to it than just porn, yeah? But that's no more scary than people who show up and say "porn is WRONG". I respectfully suggest you deal with your personal insecurities in a way that doesn't belittle other people because WHAT THE FUCK. Saying "porn is immoral and therefore those who write it lack morals" is the same thing as saying "writers of chan are child molesters". STOP IT.
Tags: fandom:hp, rant
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