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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [movie]

I only managed to watch the first disk of the extended edition tonight, going to crash now because omgsotired, but!

This is my favourite film out of the three -- interesting, because my favourite part of the book is the final part; I don't feel that way about the third movie at all. It was entirely too long, I feel. But yeah, this movie... despite the elves at Helm's Deep (am still WTFing, years later, lmao) and other assorted canon rape, this film is my favourite because I feel like it really captures the spirit of Tolkien's 'verse in a way that the first and third films couldn't. I think this is my 30th or so viewing so far (I've seen the other two 10 or so times apiece). Random and occasionally HP-laced commentary:

0001 - Orlando Bloom's "expressive face" makes me giggle. Mostly because it is always the same. He does well enough as Legolas but he really lacks the quiet wisdom of the elves as it was portrayed in the books. Sad, that.
0010 - Karl Urban. Ngghhh. *fans self*
0011 - Smeagol is a Hufflepuff. (Gollum's a Slytherin! Best way to have an identity crisis: have an evil Slytherin whispering sweet nothings into your Hufflepuff ear)
0100 - Miranda Otto. *_* I love the scene with her and Viggo. "What do you fear?" "A cage." So, so well-played.
0101 - Of course, Wormtongue and Saruman are Slytherins, but Sauron is a Gryffindor. "HAY GUYZ HERE IZ MY EYE COME AND SHOOT ME IN TEH EYE LULZ" Gandalf? Gandalf is such a Dumbledore. XD [Or, rather, the other way around, but 'Dumbledore is such a Gandalf' doesn't quite have the same ring to it...]
0110 - The scene where Théoden cries for his son was forever ruined for me, it seems. When we'd gone to see the film on opening night, some snot-nosed little shits laughed at that scene, when Théoden started crying. I can't watch it now without remembering how pissed off I was at the fuckers back then. Moral? If you lack basic manners and can't keep your immature outbursts to yourself, please stay the fuck out of cinemas, kthx (oh, and other public places if you can manage it; you're an embarrassment to the human race anyway). And don't forget to leave your screaming baby at home, too.
0111 - Karl. Urban. *drools*
1000 - Speaking of drooling, I'll take a scruffy Ranger over a ponced-up King any day, if you know what I mean.
1001 - I hate that Gimli and Treebeard are comic relief. I mean, I laugh, but inside, I'm going "..."
1010 - One of my favourite scenes in films ever is the Shadowfax scene. Just... such pretty music and beautiful imagery, and I love the scene it transitions into. So powerful.
1011 - I wish Peter Jackson was doing the HP movies. I don't care how pretty GoF was. This man is a freakin' genius, and he would have done them all right.

P.S. Yes, Snoy, Smeagol was watching, too. He says hi.
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