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You have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh.

0001 - Happy 2006! :D

0010 - The big_bang_hd fic of doom and ruination has been sent to the betas -- if you've told me you'd beta it and haven't received the e-mail, let me know?

0011 - Meeting shabzilla in London tomorrow, yay! And generally, London yay! \:D/

0100 - Dear person who doesn't like the fact that I do numbered entries in binary (and shouts loud and proud about it, somewhat ruining the 'proud' effect by being an Anonymous Coward*),

Every time I do a numbered entry now, I'll enjoy it extra special because I know it'll annoy you, you self-important little twit. :> Conversely, if you don't like it enough to spout off about it (as though it's somehow any of your business how other people format their LJ entries); if it really bothers you that much? You're a self-confessed geek, I'm sure you can manage to locate the defriend button. *pets*

Contemplating hexadecimal to see if I can make your brain explode,

0101 - And because you prolly knew I'd say something about it,
I don't get it when people try to justify participation in anonymous hate. As in, try to make it sound like it's a good thing; I get that everyone has a right to do whatever the hell they like. But "omg, it's an anonymous meme and therefore it's socially unacceptable to post signed in" just makes me make the o.O face at the monitor. Because, um, generally speaking, it's socially unacceptable to walk up to a perfect stranger on the street and tell them you think they're ugly. It's also socially unacceptable to send anonymous hate-filled snail mail to people you do know. Which is, actually, not that far removed from participating in a hate meme! Oh snap.

Cos yeah, this is the Internet and the rules of engagement are obviously somewhat different. However, at the end of the day, everyone on here is still human. If you think "it's the Internet and therefore less real", you're more delusional than the Harmonians. I'm currently in the same house with two people I originally only knew from the Internet -- goneril (we met over 6 years ago) and much_reality (we met a little less than a year ago) -- I assure you, it's quite real. In fact, sometimes it can be more real than the real world. ;)

Most of the anonymice getting indignant about people posting un-anon seem to be emphasising that they (the mice) are in the "right" because's it's a ZOMG ANON MEME and how DARE those posting not anon try and "lord their moral superiority" over the anonymice. I really hate to break it to you, but it's... not so much about moral superiority as it is about that flighty temptress, Earth Logic.

I've seen everything from "it's fun to go anon!" to "it's a way to let off stress without endangering friendships!" but all that sounds pretty lame from where I sit, as excuses go. Because if you're going anon and just being silly, like posting random facts about Alan Rickman -- yeah, that can be fun, if a little annoying after 6 pages of "Alan Rickman's nose is teh schmexxx". But if someone finds it fun to anonymously hate on people whom they wouldn't dream of flaming if they were signed in, then my standard gut reaction is "grow yourself a life" but maybe that's just me. It's not that people are lame for finding anon hate fun. It's just that I think the idea of finding it fun is pretty lame, yanno? Thoughts?

0110 - Also, I was mystified to find out that I have a vanity icon and that I have a punk/goth poser look (or something)! Er... would someone care to point me to my vanity icon? And I am really behind on fashion trends, because apparently jeans, t-shirts and bandannas are punk/goth poser now. :O Maybe I should dye my hair green? Or start wearing fishnets? I hate disappointing people! >:D

* Not casting any aspersions on the bravery of the person in question, just being pretentiously geeky by using gratuitous slashdot terminology! >:)
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