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You have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh.

0001 - Happy 2006! :D

0010 - The big_bang_hd fic of doom and ruination has been sent to the betas -- if you've told me you'd beta it and haven't received the e-mail, let me know?

0011 - Meeting shabzilla in London tomorrow, yay! And generally, London yay! \:D/

0100 - Dear person who doesn't like the fact that I do numbered entries in binary (and shouts loud and proud about it, somewhat ruining the 'proud' effect by being an Anonymous Coward*),

Every time I do a numbered entry now, I'll enjoy it extra special because I know it'll annoy you, you self-important little twit. :> Conversely, if you don't like it enough to spout off about it (as though it's somehow any of your business how other people format their LJ entries); if it really bothers you that much? You're a self-confessed geek, I'm sure you can manage to locate the defriend button. *pets*

Contemplating hexadecimal to see if I can make your brain explode,

0101 - And because you prolly knew I'd say something about it, on the subject of the hate meme...Collapse )

0110 - Also, I was mystified to find out that I have a vanity icon and that I have a punk/goth poser look (or something)! Er... would someone care to point me to my vanity icon? And I am really behind on fashion trends, because apparently jeans, t-shirts and bandannas are punk/goth poser now. :O Maybe I should dye my hair green? Or start wearing fishnets? I hate disappointing people! >:D

* Not casting any aspersions on the bravery of the person in question, just being pretentiously geeky by using gratuitous slashdot terminology! >:)
Tags: meta:fandom
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