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The air about you becomes charged...

0001 - Happy birthday, risilisi! ♥ Hope you're having a lovely day, wifey! :D

0010 - Sheepage from mereol, because shared geekery is love. I've modified it a bit. :D

Step 1 - Below is a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that I've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in my life.
Step 2 - Guess my favourite character from each and if you share the love, tell me your favourite!
Step 3 - Post this in your own journal, if you like.

1. The Matrix (& selected parts of the sequels)
2. Lord of the Rings (books)
3. Lord of the Rings (movies)
4. The Terminator (first 2; I'm pretending T3 didn't happen)
5. Aliens (just the second one)
6. Harry Potter
7. Dragonlance
8. Roguelike games (Rogue, Nethack, Angband, Zangband, ToME -- I guess here you'd guess my favourite unique? XD)
9. Queer as Folk (US)
10. Babylon 5
11. Star Control 2 (favourite alien race in this case, I suppose!)

0011 - In news of the fannish sort, I picked up the second novel in Robert Jordan's A Wheel of Time series today. How is it that I'd never bothered with these books, omfg? Reading the prologue made me think that JKR had ambitions to make Voldemort like Jordan's Dark Lord, but failed miserably. Even the 'He Who Must Not Be Named' thing and masked followers and yah. *pets Jo* Stick to psychotic teachers, plz, you're so good at them. Leave the ACTUALLY SCARY Dark Lords to the masters. Yeah, I know I'm being twatlike, cope. I had been holding out hope for a truly scary Voldemort, but he's just... not. He doesn't scare me, because everything he does seems so artificial -- scripted, you know? The guy Jordan's writing about is truly chilling without being over the top -- before he even shows up, just how it should be done. I just. Of course, I haven't read the entire series yet and it's possible that he'll degenerate into cardboard villainy, but based on the first two volumes -- eep. Awesome stuff. I have to wait till March to read the next book because lskfjls there is no way I'm lugging all these books with me across the Atlantic, even though they're much cheaper here.

0100 - If you don't have any thoughts on that or don't want to play with the meme above -- other than kaikias, TheFalcon and pen_and_umbra, are there any other roguelike aficionados amongst you? I realised not long ago that it'll soon be 20 years since my first introduction (and instant addiction) to the original Rogue, which makes it my oldest 'fandom', all things considered. *nudges you all to 'fess up*
Tags: books, fandom:wot, meme
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