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Top 10 Meme

Top ten ways to tell you're reading a HP fic by furiosity:

0001 - It sticks to canon, except for when people are suddenly gay. Or on crack.
0010 - It's low in sodium ellipses, parentheses and italics but there are many semicolons and commas.
0011 - There's a cracked-out fanon mock of some sort lurking somewhere (usually going blissfully unnoticed).
0100 - Slytherins are portrayed as sympathetic, but not "teh coolest evar zomg".
0101 - If Draco is in it, he is extremely annoying at least once. Ditto Harry.
0110 - There are no graphic descriptions of non-con sex (though there will soon be a single exception to this one *waves fist at djin7*)
0111 - Blaise Zabini is never a bad guy in the "I torture and kill babies, rar!" sense.
1000 - The Trio is intact, unless one or more of them have died.
1001 - If the emphasis is on scenery, dialogue is sparse -- and vice versa.
1010 - It's not PWP.

...Sound about right? :S I had trouble coming up with these. I realised just now that I pay very little attention to style/patterns. I probably should start. >.>
Tags: meme, meta:fan fiction, writing
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