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Stuff + thoughts on Muggles

0001 - Happy birthday, fourth_rose and shikishi! ♥

0010 - Best thing about this morning (it's been a while since anything in hogwarts_elite gave me warm fuzzies).

0011 - big_bang_hd was just over 71K words at last edit, but it's sent off now. There's a backlog of fic on my hard drive that's been written but not posted. I'm probably going to be remedying that over the next few days. *warns*

0100 - So, um. We know that Harry's aunt and uncle are terribly ashamed of having a wizard in the family and deadly afraid that someone will find out about Harry's special abilities, right? But what about other Muggles? What about Hermione's parents? What about Colin and Dennis Creevey's parents? All the other Muggle-born students? I'm not talking about them proudly extolling the virtues of their wizard children to everyone who would listen -- the Statute of Secrecy is Serious Business, but... um, the Muggle world is much larger than the wizarding world, and not every wizard raised by Muggles has the same lot as Harry. People overhear things by accident all the time -- in fact, some people even have a habit of listening at doors and windows (it's such a lovely plot device). I mean, obviously the Ministry has a whole department to deal with Muggles, but how can they pretend to be so secret (oh, the Muggles don't know about us, except those we let know, mwee hee!) when clearly it's not possible for them to prevent Muggles from butting into the business of other Muggles? I guess what I'm wondering is -- just how secret is secret? And how do the Muggle relations people and the Obliviators deal with the possibility of parents of Muggleborns' being overheard? Is there a wizard tail on every Muggleborn's parent? Memory charms ahoy.

And how awesome would it be to read about a Muggle who finds out about the wizarding world by listening at doors, goes crazy in the meantime, and makes a wizard or witch take him to Diagon Alley (since Hermione's parents were able to enter in the company of Hermione, I'm assuming any other Muggles could, too).

Er. >.>
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:canon
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