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Feels like something that I've done before

0001 - I've emailed everyone who left an address with their feedback at the Big Bang site but not everyone did, so -- thank you so much if you took the time to leave feedback. Shabzilla, Claire -- I am still squeeing. :> ♥

0010 - If you have not read our Big Bang fic and you've ever read my H/D, you should know that if I'm writing anything exceeding 10000 words, it's bloody well going to have more plot than porn. So if that sort of thing is not your bag, well, you know which story you won't want to read. :)) From stuff I've seen here and there, I get the sense that I should be apologetic about the lack of shippy stuff, but I'm really, well, not apologetic at all. The day I decide to waste my time on a novel-length fic about people angsting in corners about their relationship and having sex every three paragraphs will also be the day I'll seriously consider writing Harlequin bodice-rippers. My illustrious co-writer, imadra_blue, is much of the same opinion -- in fact, part of the reason we had so much fun writing this fic is that we both write stories. In which things, you know, happen. Other than sex. Early drafts of AtS had [insert snogging here] and [insert porn here] placeholders which were written last. Because really, porn? Is good for the soul. But if you've got a story that's moving forwards, inserting porn into it is not a very difficult task at all. FACT.

0011 - That said, relationships are an important part of life. So important, in fact, that the Big Bang fic barely scratched the surface of the H/D and the plot that we initially wanted to develop. The story up at the Big Bang site is the first in a series of three -- the ending of the third one was originally supposed to be the ending of this one but we knew that we would never finish the whole thing in time, because there were too many plot threads to tie up and not enough time to do it all. Part II will be called Abide the Ghost and it will pick up immediately where Abide the Sleeper left off. No definite timeframe yet, but it'll be written in full first and then posted in weekly chapters to this journal while we work on part III (as yet untitled, but it'll be "Abide the [cryptic noun]", and we're calling the whole thing the Abeyance trilogy. The titles are my invention and they will make sense in the very end). We know exactly what's going to happen in part II, both on the plot and the H/D fronts. We don't yet know what will happen on the H/D front in part III, though. My own goal with the H/D in this arc is to write a believable lasting connection, which is something I have never done before, because I seriously don't think that H/D could ever last once the initial excitement wears off. This series will be my own personal attempt at proving myself wrong. J is along for the ride for the plotty bits and to make fun of my futile attempts at OTP-ing. Oh, and the dancing mice. \:D/

0100 - Anyway, back to Big Bang -- I have read three of the others, going to make my way through the other two sharpish. My favourite so far is A Wave in Windless Water by hydaspes (which should be hardly surprising since I fangirl Ociwen kind of a lot XD). It's fantastically written, well-plotted, canon-tight, brilliantly characterised and sexy as all get out.

0101 - If you're reading the other fics, PLEASE leave feedback for the authors, even if you don't go into detail. Everyone worked like dogs on these fics and I assure you that every bit of feedback is appreciated, whether it's a squee or a long, detailed review. Don't forget to feedback the artists, either -- on the art page, there is a separate review link for every artist's work.

0110 - Also, J wrote an outtake from Abide the Sleeper. (PG-13, some spoilers for AtS)
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:harry/draco, writing
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