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Because I should probably say something...

(HP people: move along, nothing to see here)

...I had nothing to do with TMC:Reloaded. I knew about it, yeah. So if you count "moral support" as involvement, then that was the extent of it. But I've logged into no servers and "hacked" nothing (omgsporfle, you people are so fucking incompetent. CHANGE THE PASSWORDS IN A TIMELY MANNER, MORONS!). I gave up root over a year ago and haven't even ONCE attempted logging in as the board admin since then. Check the board/server logs, fucksticks. If you know how, that is. =;

The extent of my technical "involvement" in the heist was redirecting the nameservers for the Zion Mainframe domain (a name I pay for out of my own pocket) to point to the new server. Which, as sole owner of the domain, I have full right to do at any point in time. Speaking of which, considering that fuck-all's been done to the site since I've been gone, no one but me has a say in who has rights to the content at this time.

This is how it's gonna be: I gave the site to Whoever controls controls the Zion Mainframe. The site may not be reproduced in affiliation with any other domain. TMC:R is the real Matrix Community, as far as I'm concerned, and the Zion Mainframe belongs to them and no one else.

Have a nice day, bitches. See you on the other side.
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