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They don't hate you! They just think you're corny since Christina played you

Top sign you've overdosed on porn: "Guaranteed Faster Erections" arrives in your spam folder and just before you zap the spam, you read "Guaranteed Faster Elections" because omg. Too many erections everywhere else.

Now then. On that note, I am jealous of a good half of my flist. The Snarry love is in the air and damned if I don't want to feel the Snarry like (I've never loved Snarry, just liked it) again but I. Just. Can't. One reason is that I, well. Dislike Snape greatly? Not really. He fascinates me as a character but I guess HBP made him that much more "real" to me in that I relate to him as I would relate to a real person... like, I hated Umbridge, loathed her, because she reminded me of far too many real people I've encountered. Snape doesn't really remind me of any real people I've encountered, but he represents things I hate in people. On top of that, I adore Harry and have spent a lot of time thinking about how he relates to people, and I think it would take a lot of work indeed for him to see past Snape the figure and see Snape the person, if that makes sense. Time that I don't think Harry would (or should) bother spending. I never used to feel that way. :\

I'm not talking about PWP, noncon or hatesex here. I'm talking about Snarry romance, if you will. Harry falls for Snape. Why? How? I can no longer see it. I used to be able to, before, but HBP put up some serious roadblocks -- Snape's childishness, for one. The fact that Snape is directly responsible for telling Volders of the prophecy (which ended up leading to the death of Harry's parents) which is a BIG FRIGGIN DEAL to Harry! It's right there in HBP, man. The fact that Snape -- oh, that's right. Snape murdered Dumbledore (this one's fairly easy to explain away, granted, but Harry's not exactly predisposed to suddenly see Snape differently just because he's not a murderer -- there's plenty of canon support for Harry's continued dislike of Snape despite continued proof that Snape's on Dumbledore's side.) What about Ginny? Provided that she doesn't die a gruesome death or run off with Dean Thomas or whatever convenient excuse there is for Harry not wanting to be with her anymore. Would Harry choose Snape over Ginny? How?

Snarry shippers? Random passers-by? Can you convince me that Harry could fall for Snape? Despite everything we find out in HBP? Because Snape is far more ambiguous than Harry and for all we know, he's been sekkritly in love with Harry for ages. It's not difficult for me to buy into Snape's attraction. It's Harry's attraction to Snape that I'm having serious trouble with.

All I ask is no ship hate, please. We slashers are all sailing in that river in Egypt as far as canon goes. I have irrational hate for Snape/Draco and Draco/Ron -- I'd never try to argue with a shipper that they should hate it, too, because I have absolutely no rational basis for disliking either; I can make both work in my head. I just don't like the ships, mkay, there's nothing that'll convince me to like them 'cos I hated them on sight. Not so with Snarry. I just want my Snarry like back. :|

Now I'm going to go and watch Hell's Kitchen and contemplate packing.

ETA: omg win! Someone please write this because I would so read it. :D :D
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:fandom
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