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Some spoiler-free remarks on V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta rocks. Plain and fucking simple. Larry and Andy really know how to make a movie. It wasn't "You go on without me, I'm going back in to see it again" this time (which was what I did after The Matrix in 1999), but it's ace, brilliant, etc ad nauseam. SEE IT. Of course if you only like romantic comedies or pretentious crap that delivers its message through high-falutin' language, then you won't like this one much. It's an action flick first of all, the philosophy is the same brand of armchair philosophy I'm used to from the brothers W (not sure how much of it comes from the graphic novel as I've never read that).

But they do ask interesting questions and if you think about some of the things in the film for five seconds, it's the same slow burn effect of a good book that doesn't lay everything out for you (like Dan Brown's awful attempts at literature =;), but rather makes you draw conclusions for yourself. The fun thing is that they force you to consider drawing conclusions you might not like so much, and I think that's wholly because of the way they wrote the screenplay. Of course, being forced to consider things you don't want to believe or think about is not for everyone, but I love it. There's some fun cliche mocking to boot, and I'm rather a sucker for that, especially when it's clever (and it is very clever, and subtle, in this film).

AND OH MY GOD THE SFX*! Don't want to spoil it (not sure if it's shown in the trailer), but dear God these guys are bloody geniuses. *still in awe* I shouldn't be so surprised, after all, this is Larry and Andy "we invented bullet-time and don't you ever forget it, bitches" Wachowski. But still. *_*

*No, that's not a typo. It's supposed to read SFX, short for "special effects". Not sex. XP I'm only putting this here because on rereading to make sure I was making sense, I misread that as "sex" *facepalm*
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