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HBP commentary, Part XIII

[12:20] furiosity: mwahahaha! *loves being enabler*
[12:21] evilsource: you are evil
[12:21] furiosity: i am.
[12:21] evilsource: you especially
[12:22] evilsource: both of you, but double evil sauce with you
[12:22] evilsource: you're like...evil with ketchup

Oh look, it's more HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 14 -- Felix Felicis

Gum shields? Interesting. That's all I've got really; it made me wonder about a lot of things. Like teeth guards for Quidditch players.

Oh, Neville.

I now wonder wtf Snargaluffs are good for. :|

"You know, I don't think I'll be having any of these in my garden when I've got my own place." -- Ron. So not only is Ron thinking about having his own place, he wants one with a garden. Go Ron!

Aw, Ron's sneer is worthy of Malfoy. He's so cute when he's all jealous. :>

Harry's sure angsting a lot about how R/Hr would affect him. *pets Harry and the 28939288 fanficcers who have made use of this particular plot device*

The opening game is once again Gryffndor vs. Slytherin. This makes it pretty much official; the first game of the year is always Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. Unless some brat in Slytherin manages to get it rescheduled, that is.

"He had to do what was best for the team." -- does this mean that Harry would have preferred asking Seamus to play and not Dean? Seamus "would not like it" if he asked Dean. Woo, Seamus/Dean Quidditch rivalry. But check the whole "Harry doesn't like Dean because Dean's got Ginny" thing happening. XD

Harry appears to be headed for a career in politics if his blithe attitude to "mutterings" is any indication.

Dean "worked well" with Ginny and Demelza. You know what that means, right? Ginny/Dean/Demelza OTSANDWICH!

Harry had known all along that Ron was an inconsistent player. And yet, no favouritism was involved. Nope. None.

"most of them scored by Ginny" *eyeroll* Yes, JKR, we get it. Ginny r0x0rz yer b0x0rz. Now stop inserting irrelevant verbiage into your narrative. We've already heard that Ginny's aces at Quidditch; no need to beat anyone over the head with it.

"Well, you seemed too busy to call him a prat and I thought someone should--"
Erm, maybe I'm missing something crucial here but what exactly is so funny about this? Maybe I have an odd sense of humour but I just don't understand why Harry has to "force" himself not to laugh here. Oh wait, maybe it really isn't funny, it's just a case of telling and not showing, because ALL SHALL LOVE GINNY AND DESPAIR.

I love how Harry is all *pulls rank* XD

Absolutely adore Harry's pep-talking to Ron. Just yes. :>

THE CHESTMONSTER IS BORN! Three cheers for the chestmonster! Ugh. >.<

Dean's totally Ginny's bitch, isn't he? And yet.

Ginny needs anger management. I'm sorry, but running your brother down like that in front of his best friend, ugh.

Ginny "screamed with derisive laughter". Bellatrix much?

And we have instance two of Harry pushing a male specimen against a wall. Woo!

Where'd GoF!Ginny go? Come back, Ginny. Come back. :(

So let me get this straight. Harry's attraction to Ginny is enabled by seeing her with Dean. For what must be the fifth time since the book started. I hope Rowling sticks to children's books. I shudder to think what might happen if she were once to write about an actual romance. Intrepid teenage hero wakes up one morning and suddenly™ realises he just can't live without some girl who's barely been a part of the story up to that point!11 Yeah, that's the ticket.

On the other hand, will someone please explain to me why friends' relatives are out of bounds? Hey, I never said I had any scruples.

Oh hey, Ron needs anger management too.

Am I supposed to be impressed by Ginny's reputation as an "accomplished caster" of the Bat Bogey Hex? I'd rather be impressed that Hermione's an accomplished caster of the Patronus charm, thx. Or that Draco is an accomplished caster of the Imperius Curse. Or anything, really. Bat Bogey Hex. Fo' shizzle.

I love how in this book, the Gryffindor Quidditch team is suddenly hanging out together. Must be Harry's exceptional leadership skills. Oh wait, he's not even with them; he's petting Ron in the corner. And they wonder about the slash. Honestly.

"He was determined to beat Draco Malfoy at Quidditch"
Yeah, because you've never done that before, Harry.

The Slytherins are hissing and booing, as usual, at the Gryffindor team members. Too bad Fred and George aren't there; they'd boo and hiss at some Slytherin first-years to even the scales out a bit.

A moody bite of toast. Snort.


"What? He's ill? What's wrong with him?"
Gosh, Harry, don't betray your sekrit boycrush in front of everyone. Ginny might get jealous and look hard and blazing at you.

And despite the Serious Business-ness of Quidditch, Harry's mind is on Malfoy as he gets dressed. Christ, people, she's handed us our ship on a silver platter.

I love how Slytherin Harry is being with the Felix Felicis fakeout; refusing to confirm or deny either way. XD

Three cheers for Luna's lion hat! Do you think the hat might be related to Harry's chestmonster?

Who the fuck is Urquhart? Did Draco get passed over for captain because Dumbledore knew he'd be too busy trying to murder someone?

Oh hey, let's just hit Zacharias with a Bludger because we don't like what he's saying. That's not at all like the time last year when Crabbe sent a Bludger at Harry's back in frustration after losing the match. No, see, that was "illegal". Sending a Bludger at Zacharias for smack-talking is just desserts! Does JKR even read her own books?

Ron conducting a chorus of "Weasley is Our King" is like the best thing ever, bar none. I hope it's in the HBP film.

Oh, look, another Bludger attack. Harper deserves it, of course. He has a snide voice, collides with Harry -- oh shock, gasp, horror -- while competing for the Snitch and calls Ron an icky name. Oh, and don't forget -- Ginny said that he's a prat. These are all very good reasons to physically harm someone. If you don't see that, well, I'm afraid you're just a big old Death Eater apologist.

Ginny really needs anger management. But hey, on the bright side, Harry obviously likes girls who physically attack people for saying stuff he doesn't like. Go Ginny!

Check out all the animals adoring Ginny! She'd have a lucrative career with Disney, methinks. Now, there's a crackfic waiting to happen. XD

Lesson learned from this chapter: don't fuck with Hermione. Ever.
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