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Hazel, we've got lesbians!

So I spent tonight marathon-watching all 10 episodes of QaF(UK). goneril, you basically win at life. ♥

I was also spamming a rather unsuspecting evilsource with random commentary, and poor Kdawg was trying to photoshop the whole time, too. And so. I give you:

[21:14] f: i'm watching qaf UK
[21:14] f: so am in and out
[21:14] Kdawg: *prefers Brian to Stuart* *Prefers Vince to Mikey*
[21:14] Kdawg: I found I had to block the US version while watching, though
[21:14] Kdawg: just pretend I had not seen it
[21:37] f: nathan is so cute! :D
[21:37] Kdawg: I pet him
[21:38] f: i kinda wish he were justin >.>
[21:38] f: can we have him canonised as St. Justin the Bad
[21:38] f: or St. Nathan XD
[21:39] Kdawg: *snickers* *Adds*
[21:42] Kdawg: what was Nathan's last name again?
[21:43] f: Maloney
[21:43] Kdawg: thx
[21:43] f: np
[21:48] f: i love the uk version of daph!
[21:48] f: she's so cute
[21:48] Kdawg: I liked her a lot, but me loves me some Daph
[21:48] f: oh, agreed. i love em both
[21:49] Kdawg: *pets all around*
[21:50] f: ahaha cynthia/sandra!
[21:50] Kdawg: <3
[21:54] f: ahahaha! "there are people talking in sentences that have no punchline, and they don't even care!"
[22:14] f: "Nathan, I"ve had you" AWW :(
[22:15] Kdawg: *loves seeing you squee over QaF UK*
[22:31] f: AHAHAHA DATE OF BIRTH 1946
[22:31] f: LOOKING GOOD
[22:31] f: oh man. *dying*
[22:32] Kdawg: <333333333333
[22:39] f: british people can't dance
[22:41] Kdawg: *snickers*
[22:51] f: aw, phil :\
[22:51] Kdawg: so glad things went differently for Ted
[23:00] f: ditto
[23:00] Kdawg: asdfjlks Phil
[23:01] f: ;_;
[23:12] f: oh, nathan.
[23:13] Kdawg: what has he done?
[23:14] f: helping hand
[23:14] Kdawg: afjhsdk
[23:16] f: nathan is such a cutie
[23:16] Kdawg: he really is
[23:18] f: but he's way more immature than justin
[23:18] f: then again, he's 15
[23:18] Kdawg: yep...age issue
[23:29] f: ahaha that's one unrealistic blowjob. i mean, he doesn't even look flushed
[23:29] f: boo
[23:30] Kdawg: kajfslkja
[23:30] f: then again that was an issue i had with qaf US too. justin will blow brian and look like he hasn't even opened his mouth
[23:30] Kdawg: *snickers*
[23:33] f: vince is such a twat XD
[23:33] Kdawg: <3 but I kind of like him
[23:39] f: and i'm sorry, but compared to brian, stuart's a troll
[23:40] f: he's got sex appeal, yeah, but he's REALLY not my type
[23:40] Kdawg: word, man
[23:40] f: donna's right; nathan could do so much better
[23:40] Kdawg: no shit. I just....he's no Brian
[23:42] f: sunshine! :D
[23:42] Kdawg: fwee
[23:43] f: but i do love that stuart's sister isn't such a cunt
[23:43] f: as brian's that is
[23:43] Kdawg: fuck...Claire...lasjdfhlakjsdhfkashdfkasjdf
[23:44] f: and nathan's mum is awesome
[23:44] Kdawg: I don't remember much about her at all
[23:52] f: aw, vince is such a twat XD
[23:54] Kdawg: and thanks to that b/j vid you linked me to way back, I'm addicted to this freaking Nick Lachey song
[23:54] f: ahaha
[23:55] Kdawg: *glares at you* you're destroying my taste in music
[23:55] f: AHAHAHA call waiting
[23:56] Kdawg: XD
[23:56] f: AHAHAH well he's got a wife and a dodgy roof
[00:01] f: "I'm black and I'm a girl. Try that for a week." <-- win
[00:02] Kdawg: sadkfjaskd yes
[00:02] f: "We like Nathan. Nathan can stay." XD XD
[00:06] Kdawg: XD
[00:46] f: and stuart is way too emo
[00:47] Kdawg: woe
[00:55] f: and i think we should adopt the opening credits track from qaf UK for our church anthem
[00:55] f: it sounds very holy
[00:56] Kdawg: sjlakdlfja find us an mp3 of it?
[00:56] Kdawg: because it DOES omg
[00:56] Kdawg: it's all slow and ldksfajlskd
[00:57] f: i'll look for it later
[00:58] Kdawg: win
[01:03] f: omg, nathan is sexy! :D
[01:03] f: yeah, he would have made a great justin
[01:03] Kdawg: I like Randy, though. Am unwilling to part with him.
[01:06] f: oh, i adore randy
[01:06] f: but dude, charlie hunnam and gale would have been un-stoppable
[01:06] f: there would never be any brian/mikey shipping. at. all.
[01:07] Kdawg: YOU ARE EVIL..aldflasjdfkjashdfkahsdkfahsdfkasdj I will never get that image out of my head
[01:07] Kdawg: lsdajfjlaksjdflkajsdlfjalsdfjlskadjflksadjflkasdjlkads
[01:07] f: i'm telling you
[01:07] f: hawt
[01:07] Kdawg: ldkfja;sdfj;asldkfja; sld yes
[01:12] f: ew pimple on stuart's neck
[01:12] f: paging the makeup department
[01:12] Kdawg: dfajdlfks gross
[01:16] f: "see ya kid, look after yourself" "always have" that was very kinney-like
[01:16] Kdawg: fweeeeeee
[01:21] f: oh, this man is even more of a bastard than kinney
[01:22] Kdawg: bwah
[01:24] f: ooh GO NATHAN
[01:24] Kdawg: you're almost making me want to watch
[01:26] f: and dude, nathan's SO much more of a slytherin than sunshine
[01:26] f: god. him. and brian. UN FUCKING STOPPABLE
[01:26] Kdawg: or eat each other alive
[01:26] Kdawg: could go either way on that one
[01:26] f: true
[01:26] f: but omg teh hawt
[01:26] Kdawg: there'd be hatesex involved with them
[01:26] f: fkjads;lkfjas;klfk;asj
[01:26] f: :">
[01:27] Kdawg: Nathan and Brian is a scary thought
[01:27] f: adfkljskl;fj;aks i want it to happen now
[01:27] f: >_>
[01:27] Kdawg: me too omg
[01:27] Kdawg: just...short term
[01:45] f: ahah. "Hazel, we've got lesbians!"
[01:45] Kdawg: klsdjlksj <333
[01:49] f: ugh, cameron's such a squibby
[01:49] Kdawg: yes
[01:50] f: he's even worse than dr dave
[01:51] Kdawg: which is a major accomplishment
[01:52] f: awwwwwwwwwwwwww nathan
[01:52] f: dskfjdkKfjksldfjslkjf
[01:52] Kdawg: I'm going to be making icons, aren;t I?
[01:53] f: >.>
[01:53] Kdawg: that's a yes
[01:56] f: but this is so a stuart/vince series
[01:56] Kdawg: it really is
[02:02] f: oh, nathan
[02:02] f: and british people still can't dance
[02:02] Kdawg: Gale would have fit in well
[02:02] f: AHAHAHA
[02:02] f: he's even better than they are though
[02:02] f: which is saying a lot
[02:04] Kdawg: a hell of a lot
[02:05] f: asdklfja london
[02:06] Kdawg: alsjdflas
[02:08] f: :O IT IS THE DUDE
[02:08] f: PHIL
[02:08] f: :O
[02:08] f: skdjflksaj
[02:08] f: that should be interesting
[02:08] f: (the dude who left phil for dead)
[02:09] f: D: he took off
[02:10] Kdawg: lka;sdkfaj;sdlf
[02:10] f: okay, that was fun
[02:11] f: god, stuart is hideous sometimes >.>
[02:11] Kdawg: yes
[02:11] Kdawg: Not. Brian
[02:11] f: no. brian never had that problem
[02:11] Kdawg: ever
[02:15] f: AHAHAHHA that was funny. the threesome
[02:16] f: silly vince
[02:16] Kdawg: sdal;kf
[02:17] f: just two eps left. heh.
[02:17] Kdawg: sad
[02:17] f: well at least it's not like qaf US
[02:17] f: start watching at 10, don't stop for a week XD
[02:19] Kdawg: so true
[02:22] f: there goes the nephew dunking
[02:22] f: though this nephew wasn't nearly as toxic as brian's
[02:23] Kdawg: XD
[02:24] f: ahahaha anakin skywalker
[02:27] Kdawg: fwee
[02:27] f: stuart is a total loser, imho
[02:27] Kdawg: See what I've been saying about him?
[02:28] f: yep
[02:28] f: they basically got him to an overly emo S5!Brian in less than 2 seasons
[02:29] Kdawg: innit nice? Only not.
[02:30] f: not at all, ick
[02:30] f: "stuart's vince's boyfriend" ahaha i don't wonder about the b/m shippers anymore
[02:30] f: with a kickoff series like this, i can't blame them
[02:31] f: except.... the stuart/vince is obvious. the brian/mikey, not so much come S2.
[02:31] Kdawg: werd
[02:37] f: i kinda wish charlie hunnam played draco >_>
[02:37] Kdawg: sljdf;laksdfj;laskdjf;lkasjdf;lkasjdf;lkasjdf;lkasjdf;lkajsd;flkjsa;ldfkj;sldkfjls;kf asd KILL ME THEN
[02:38] f: a;fkdjlsa;fsjklda;sjdfkla;skldfj
[02:39] f: he's too old, obviously. was too old when the hp films were cast
[02:39] f: but damn. XD
[02:39] Kdawg: adjflk;sdlkfja;lsdkfja;slkd
[02:40] f: haha.. hazel's even more addicted to tanning salons than stuart
[02:40] Kdawg: asdfjlas
[02:41] f: ok. i'm so fucking glad debbie never did that to brian
[02:41] f: ew, het
[02:41] Kdawg: *pets*
[02:42] f: wtf dancing!
[02:42] f: vince is cute
[02:42] f: and
[02:42] f: should i say it?
[02:42] f: do i even need to?
[02:42] Kdawg: sadlkf'l;sakf;'f
[02:43] Kdawg: *dies*
[02:44] f: that's one ugly hotel room
[02:45] f: also, why did people say that this show was raunchier than QaF (US)
[02:45] f: o.O
[02:45] Kdawg: they're nuts
[02:45] f: i've watched almost 9 eps and this is fucking tame
[02:45] f: so unless ep10 is one giant orgy
[02:46] Kdawg: *nod*
[02:46] f: ...and they go to sleep
[02:46] f: wtf XD
[02:46] Kdawg: I found the US version much more explicit
[02:47] f: found? it IS much more explicit
[02:47] f: even season 1
[02:48] f: i mean, not that it matters one way or another but i was expecting practically porn
[02:48] f: unless they mean the full frontal shot of that really ugly old guy in ep2 or 3
[02:48] Kdawg: the QaF UK defenders just really are desperate for their show to be better at everything
[02:49] f: love the "i'm a poof" speech though. very nice.
[02:49] Kdawg: yes
[02:49] Kdawg: very
[02:49] Kdawg: and it actually worked for him
[02:51] f: very nice character moment, and the monotonous delivery actually sells it
[02:54] f: AHAHAH women talkin about anal
[02:54] f: priceless
[03:10] f: BWAH orange spunk
[03:11] Kdawg: skdlfjadf
[03:11] f: wot's wrong with this guy
[03:12] Kdawg: kszdnfa/skl;sfjalskdf
[03:12] f: nice keysmash XD
[03:14] Kdawg: it was a speshul one
[03:17] f: oh nathan. "how many have you got left?"
[03:17] Kdawg: fasdkf
[03:18] f: he's such a cutie XD
[03:19] Kdawg: he really is
[03:23] f: blowin up a car. ole stuart's not cruisin' slytherin style, oh no
[03:23] f: oh yeah
[03:23] f: british people can't dance
[03:23] Kdawg: So can't dance
[03:28] f: asldkfjaskljfda snathan telling off the teacher
[03:28] f: this boy should get his own show
[03:28] Kdawg: *petitions for it*
[03:29] f: *does too*
[03:32] Kdawg: you're an evil genius
[03:33] f: get Stuart! sneaky little shit! :D
[03:36] f: AHAHAHA! PWNED!
[03:37] Kdawg: fasdfjaksd
[03:39] f: ahaha "sorry, it's compulsory"
[03:39] Kdawg: ftw
[03:42] f: ahahah! small dick!
[03:42] f: XDDD
[03:45] Kdawg: XDDDDD
[03:49] f: how stupid is that
[03:49] Kdawg: very
[03:50] f: yeah, british people can pull guns on people in arizona gas stations
[03:50] f: yup
[03:51] f: i mean, it's very empowering but.
[03:51] Kdawg: *dies*
[03:51] Kdawg: you slay me Fred
[03:51] f: okay, i liked it. but imho it doesn't measure up to the US series
[03:52] f: the writing's not as good, for one. the show has its moments, but i honestly do not understand people who swear QaF UK is better than QaF US
[03:53] f: loved the parting shots of nathan. all growed up. <3
[03:53] Kdawg: Word, man
[03:53] Kdawg: everything I've been saying all along
[03:54] f: you were right, Special K

And there you have it folks. British people can't dance (or leastways British actors can't), Nathan Maloney should get his own show and Brian Kinney > Stuart Jones.
Tags: fandom:qaf(us), television
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