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Toronto Pride 2006

Or, the one in which f stabs innocent passers-by with her Pride flag.

I've got a flickr set up with all the photos, nicely labelled and described where I could do so. Unfortunately, we came a bit late and were well behind the fences that separated the main action, but I did take well over 200 photos (mostly featuring the usual drunken angle that constantly oppresses me in my photographic endeavours). Tracey's battery died about 20 minutes before the end of the parade, though, so most of the pictures are from the first hour and a half or so.

I particularly like: this one (if only because of the rilly hot boy), this one (PFLAG), this one (the Polar Ice Vodka float), this one (Proud Anglicans: upholding real Christian Values), this one (because of the dude holding up the Just Married sign), this one (to cover the world in Pride), and, of course, this one (Gay Geeks).

A collection of videos (4 videos, 17Mb total, quite short, .avi format, zipped) -- the AIDS Committee of Toronto, a huge (and loud) EMS truck, the Polar Ice float and the South Asian float. If the link expires, let me know and I'll reupload. :)

Got to meet up with cjmarlowe and lauriegilbert (and two other ladies whose LJ names I do not know), which was awesometastic and squee-ful. Even though my RL friend S was o.O the whole time we were chattering about fandom. XD CJ has the best flat ever! :D CJ, Tina -- that picture of the two of you turned out great -- let me know if you want it, I'll email you the original. I would have posted it in the set, but I forgot to ask CJ if she minded having it shared, so.

They were throwing bead necklaces, condoms, lube packets, stuffed animals and liberal sprayings from water guns! I didn't catch anything (er, except a lot of water XD), mostly because I was trying to operate the camera the whole time. However, never underestimate the kindness of friends! Tina gave me a green bead necklace and S gave me a stuffed teddy-bear keychain with a cock. S herself caught a green stuffed turtle, which was promptly dubbed the Draco Turtle -- this is why (yes, that's my lap, kind of. shutup).

I picked up a Pride Flag at one of the booths after the parade (which lasted just over 2 hours) was over and put it in my handbag, where it tried to stab people. What? >.>

My alma mater totally failed at marching -- all they had was one banner borne by about 6 people. U of T had a float and a procession! Not cool, York. Not cool. But York did raise the Pride flag over the main campus on Monday so I suppose that's something. I haven't been to a real, loud, proud Pride celebration in over 4 years and this was just such a fantastic experience, the music and the people and the cheering, it really felt like everyone was accepted and welcome -- after the parade, we were walking up Yonge street towards Bloor and lots of shops had flags draped in their front display, some had their wares arranged in Pride colours.

I wish every day were like this.


Oh, and members of CO©K? this one was taken especially for you.
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